$5,362.50 | Pallet

$7.15 | kg

$7.95 | Kg

  • 750 kg (1,653.47 lbs)
  • Organic Certified
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  • Quality

Appearance : fine powder
Typical cocoa: no off flavor, odor
Color : dark brown
Impurity : < 0.05 weight %
Fineness : 99,7 +/- 0,3 % (through strainer 75μm)
Shell content : max. 1,75 %

Dutch processed: "European style" or "Dutched", has a smoother, more mellow flavor that's often associated with earthy, woodsy notes.


Organic Alkalized Cocoa Powder | Wholesale | Free Shipping

ALKALIZED | 10/12 or 20/22

$3,650.00 | Pallet

$7.30 | Kg

$8.50 | Kg

  • 500 kg (1,102.31 lbs)
  • Packaging

    Multi layered paper bag of 25 kg (55.11 lbs)

  • Shelf Life

    2 years from production date

Made with premium cacao beans grown and harvested by farmer cooperatives.

Alkalization, also called Dutch Process, in combination with the roasting, allows to directly modify the color of the final cacao powder and to give it a milder taste compared to "natural cocoa".

Depending on the degree of alkalization, the flavor can range from mildly chocolate-like to a very pronounced, strong cocoa.

Alkalized cacao powders may vary from light reddish brown to very dark red-brown.


Experience the distinctive flavor and velvety texture of organic unsweetened natural cocoa powder

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Organic Certificate

    Issued among others by :

    ■ Skal Biocontrole, Stichting
    (Netherlands / Worldwide)

    ■ Control Union Certifications
    (USA, Canada / Latin America / Worldwide)

    ■ Ecocert, SA
    (France / Worldwide)

    ■ Bio Suisse, AG
    (Switzerland / Germany / Worldwide)

    ■ Kiwa NV
    (Sweden / Worldwide)

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    ■ Organic Cocoa Liquor
    $8.00 / kg | 2.20 lbs

    ■ Dominican Republic Natural Cocoa Liquor
    $7.40 / kg | 2.20 lbs

    ■ Ecuador Natural Cocoa Liquor
    $7.30 / kg | 2.20 lbs

    ■ Madagascar Natural Cocoa Liquor
    $7.35 / kg | 2.20 lbs


A cup of cocoa contains almost twice the antioxidants present in a glass of red wine, up to three times the antioxidants found in a cup of green tea, and five times the concentration of a cup of black tea.

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